Saturday, August 21, 2021

You know the price of lumber is high

Just how high does the price of raw wood have to go for it to become more cost effective to make fake stumps than it is to sell real ones? Amazon is offering patio seats and accent tables made from "faux wood." How can it possibly be cheaper to cast a fake stump from resin than to simply cut up a real tree into the appropriately sized pieces?

This little gem is 16 inches tall, comes with adjustable feet, and is ideal for use as either a place to sit or as an accent table. And it could be yours for a mere $67.86 with free shipping if you're a Prime member. 

I have some odd stuff show up in the ads Facebook bombards me with, but faux wood baffles me. Why would the algorithms think I'd want a fake log? 


  1. If that is 16 inches tall, it can only be about 8-9 inches diameter - maybe a child could sit on this, or a potted plant. Surely too low and not wide enough for an adult.

    Real wood is heavy, absorbs moisture and can splinter. I'm not surprised that resin has taken over. Most decking material is now composite - looks like wood without the issues of wood. I love real wood, but I can see the appeal of faux wood.

  2. Your post reminds me when I found out that somehow it's profitable to ship water from the US to China where it's bottled and then sent back here.

    Same goes for chicken, apparently some company or companies, are sending the birds to China where they are processed and them shipped back here.

    Say your comment on my post and I agree completely. I didn't address the issue of how expensive the glamorous side of tiny houses can be.

    Adding you to my blogroll.


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