Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Spring

It may not start officially for another day or so, but once I start seeing anoles on the patio I figure Winter (or what passes for it this far south) is definitely over. (Photo from Google images)


  1. Well, I have to admit, it's almost Spring here too. I have been getting out a bit every day to do a bit of winter-fall clean up. I have a fondness for vines, so they need tending or they take over like Kudzu. Still, we might get another hard freeze. A bit of snow won't kill anything but a hard freeze will do damage this time of year here. God I'm optimistic. Not!

  2. i saw my first gekko the other day too..before annie went to the vet..she chased it off the porch.
    it's in the 70's today and tomorrow..and then the 80's

  3. It's off and on here, this has been a weird winter this year. But all in all it hasn't been bad at all.

    But one of the damn cats killed a little garden snake, I don't like for them to do that. I like those little garden snakes around.

  4. Ah. And it's so glorious right now. Except I really hate those big wood bees. They're like cargo planes menacing me as I go in and out of the office.

  5. I was told that with the carpenter bees the males are aggressive and territorial, but can't sting so are harmless -- annoying, but harmless. The females can sting, but will do so only if they feel extremely threatened. We have a bunch of them hanging around our patio busy looking for some raw wood to tunnel into; that naked shiny black abdomen kind of creeps me out -- I prefer bumblebees; they're almost as big, but have the decency to be kind of fuzzy all over so don't look as ominous.


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