Monday, March 30, 2009

Another slow day at work

It's been a slow day. It's going to be a slow week. Word came down that I go to the journal effective April 6, so my current supervisor isn't going to give me any additional assignments before I leave. The ones in my In Box now are sitting there waiting for feedback from other reviewers before I can wrap them up, so I'm at loose ends for the moment.

I have started clearing out this cubicle. Sort of. I've been shredding files. I saved hard copies of every editing job I've done since moving into this cubicle in June 2007 -- I'm not sure why. Everything is archived electronically already. None of the files are sensitive, but I'm shredding anyway. A coworker takes the shredded paper home to use as mulch in his vegetable garden. It's an appropriate use. There have been quite a few articles that I've edited that came pretty close to being pure b.s., an attempt by the researchers to justify their salaries even though all they had done was re-state the obvious.

The new work space will be a cubicle, too, a fabric-lined box positioned far from any trace of natural light. I don't think it will be as spacious as this veal pen, and I may have to share it one or two days a week, so teleworking is starting to look like a viable option after all. I'm hoping it has some metal -- a filing cabinet, overhead cabinet, whatever -- so I've got a place to stick the magnets. Maybe that's a sign I've been in a Dilbert cage too long: I no longer wish for interesting work, new challenges, recognition, whatever. All I want is a place to display the magnet collection and an outlet for the illegal coffee pot. And more money.


  1. Boy, I couldn't work at a job like that. And have never much cared for money and having more of it so I've never stayed at a job I wasn't enjoying.

    But I just enjoyed a great camping trip and will start posting about it tomorrow.

  2. I've saved all my email exchanges for years, through three or four computers. As if anyone will think them important in the future, or even find them and find them interesting.

  3. Some say change is a good thing. If you have the room for the magnet collection - this is a good thing!! :)


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