Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it snow

Large Nameless Agency decided not to risk its employees' lives on icy highways today so we've got a three hour delay for work this morning. We need to get half an inch of slush more often. (Of course, if we did, it would lose its novelty value and people would learn how to live with it.)

What surprised me was hearing on the news about how many trees came down in the Atlanta area, and how many people lost power due to downed lines. I wonder what would happen locally if it ever snowed for real?


  1. Methinks Mother Nature is pissed!

  2. Mother nature is not the only one.

  3. it snowed her about 3 years ago..during spring..easter or something..and the blue bonnets were all out and we were just dumb struck when we woke up and found snow on the blue bonnets..
    dont think that has happened since davey was at the alamo...and the entire town shut down..was crazy ...i got up early and saw all the snow and drove over to the granddaughters and made them come out and play in the snow with me..this was about 4:30am..and they were soooo pissed..ha

  4. It's been a pretty easy winter here. One ten inch dump, then an eight inch one.

    It's interesting that they make a big deal out of it these days when ten years ago it was just an accepted way of life up here.

    What is with that? I have woke up to four feet of snow and had to deal with it and get to work, now it seems like it just shuts everything down.

    Twenty years ago when I did some long haul trucking not much of anything stopped us.

    These days it seems that things are always grinding to a stop because of a little snow. What is with that?

    I can drive through a foot of new snow, I've plowed snow with a two wheel drive, I guess people are losing those skills.

  5. Mother nature is not the only one.

    I think it's great, humans wanting to be spoiled are now going to get their asses kicked by mother nature.

    I don't have any problem with that, saw it coming and started getting ready for it.

    I pretty much live a simple life and am dry and warm and have more damn food than I know what to do with.

    It's the bigger picture that bothers me, at least my place is fenced and gated not an attractive target anyway.

    Crime is going up in this area like it is everywhere, but the monkeys are breaking into nicer places and I'm just fine with that.

  6. We got no accumulation, for which I was grateful. I still have memories of shoveling out in Chicago.


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