Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The appliance purge has begun

A few months ago an unauthorized refrigerator and a couple microwaves were removed from a more or less common area on our floor here at work. Ever since then rumors have circulated that building management was going to conduct an office audit to see what other devices might be sucking electricity without the blessings of management. Apparently the rumors have become more substantial because the last few days have seen a lot of hand cart action as dorm-type fridges and microwaves make their way from offices to individuals' cars in the parking lot. The powers that be had better actually conduct the audit or there are going to be a lot of folks really annoyed at having removed something for apparently no reason.

Personally, I think a good solution would be to give this building an additional break room -- a couple more microwaves and another full-size refrigerator in a common area would remove some of the incentive for people bringing in their own appliances -- but that's never going to happen when there's a shortage of office space now.

[Digression -- I always feel like I should be including a Dilbert cartoon when I write about work, but can never manage to find one that fits.]


  1. I think your's is a very practical solution and, therefore, doomed to be ignored.

  2. How about common spaces here and there that can hold a small fridge and microwave?

    But one rule about the fridge, no food in it without the owners name on it, and the date it was put there.

    I see you own a copy of the Devil's Dictionary, too. I'm surprised you didn't include this one:

    Husband, n. One who, having dined, is charged with the care of the plate.

    I haven't got to the H's yet. But I've been known to lick the plate. :-)

    It's not the care of the plate I have a problem with, it's all the extras they want.

  3. No matter where I have worked, Dilbert always comes to mind. I work in a really good place now, and still there is the the equivalent of the pointy-haired boss ...

  4. You understand of course, your solution is too sane. The powers of the bureaucracy...demand STUPID solutions. Yay Dilbert!!!

  5. I'm now looking at all the things I have plugged in at home that are sucking juice day and night. Since our brush with a bully threatening to make our life hell, I'm leaving outside lights on at night.

    I'm here not just to read your excellent blog but also to steal your http thingy to link at my place. I need your advise and am asking for it at home. Let me know what you think.


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