Saturday, May 9, 2009

Doing our part for economic recovery

And we were actually sensible instead of going for the Nissan Xterra of my dreams.


  1. I drive a 28 year old vehicle, so I have no idea what this lovely new ride is. As far as I would know this is the Nissan Xterra. So what is it. It's lovely. Hope it gets great milage.

  2. Ford Focus. 35 mpg on the highway, or so they claim.

    I'm still kind of shell shocked. The S.O. and I had been talking about buying something new for awhile, but it doesn't feel real yet.

  3. I certainly hope Ford sends you a letter of thanks.

    Very nice, Nan!

  4. Very good! Congrats on the new purchase!

  5. Ford is the only domestic that isn't crying for a handout. They did it by insightful well as the vast majority of their parts suppliers being overseas.

    Congratulations, and I hope your new ride gives you years of happiness!

  6. im with utah..i dont recognize new cars at all..but ido know cute..and thats a cutie..and good mileage too..great news..


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