Saturday, May 23, 2009

Never eating sushi again, redux

The June issue of the journal is out. Once again readers can learn stuff that I'm reasonably sure some of us would be happier not knowing. You know what the worst part of the article accompanying the above illustration was? It was learning that despite having several meters of tapeworm emerge from one's butt, as well as experiencing various other symptoms of gastro-instestinal distress (e.g., the trots), sufferers generally did not lose any weight! I mean, what's the point of hosting a parasite if the not-so-wee beastie doesn't even live up to its reputation*?

[*Back before the FDA started cracking down on drug companies in the 1930s, there were a few that actually sold encapsulated tapeworm segments as a "diet" aid.]


  1. Oh, how awkward. And disappointing to know that you can't lose weight that way.

  2. I am torn between Eeuww and too bad.


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