Saturday, May 23, 2009


Charlie and the S.O. are leaving for Michigan later this morning. They're spending the summer up on the tundra; I'll be stuck here in Atlanta sweating and cursing the smog. Thanks to accepting the 90-day detail with the journal, I can't take annual leave until July.

I'm not sure which of them I'm going to miss more. Granted, Charlie is Tammi's dog so he's usually not here, but I have been enjoying the early morning walks with him.

The S.O., on the other hand, cooks.


  1. Decisions decisions. The dog or the SO? Sigh. Sorry you'll be stuck in the heat but hope you enjoy it when you finally get up there.

  2. I hope they have a good trip. If you get lonely, let me know. We can get together for, um, drinks? dinner? lunch?


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