Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's still May

After reading some of the strange comments I've been seeing in various places around the intertubes lately, I'm thinking more people (me included) need to remember it's still May, It's Okay Not To Blog Month. The blogosphere is not the real world. It's time to put down the Cheetos, push away from the desk, and go breathe some fresh air.


  1. which explains why i am just now getting to reading your blog..cleaned house today and read an article in rolling stone on hunter s thompson...

  2. HA!!!!

    The thing that drives me the most crazy about this topic is that the minute I decide to go on a blog diet, I either find new blogs to love or something really bloggable happens.

    Still - yes, you are right. It's May. A very busy May and I need to push away. (and do some work now)

  3. It's okay if we never blog again, it's just a sickness. We think that we can fix the world with blogs, we can't.

    We can't even agree on how to fix the world and we often don't get along with each other. I damn sure don't get along with most empire building American women.

    But I bought a 5th wheel camping trailer the other so my camping is going to get much better with more space that that dinky pickup camper.


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