Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joys of insomnia

Somewhere in this house there is a cricket with a death wish.  If I could track it down, it would be a smear on the carpet.  It is absolutely astounding how loud one insect can be when a person wakes up at 3 a.m. and can't get back to sleep.  Sunday night it was the weather radio with flash flood warnings every hour on the hour; tonight it's the cricket.  It's going to be fun trying to stay awake while editing articles about MRSA in swine later today. 

The swine article does have some interesting bits of trivia in it.  Who would have thought that in some parts of the world hog noses go into soup?  Whenever I watch Bizarre Foods, it seems like Andrew Zimmern is focused on the other end of the animal -- the man eats a lot of testicles.  Somehow, though, I can't picture myself ever deliberately ordering hog nose soup off a menu anymore than I can picture myself asking for the sauted bull's balls.  Both dishes seem to make a strong argument for going vegan.

The good news here is that the rain does seem to have stopped, which means that maybe some of the people who were stranded on the interstates and elsewhere around the Atlanta metro area have finally gotten home -- or to a Red Cross shelter.  Aerial shots yesterday had the downtown connector (I-75/I-85) looking more like a canal than a freeway.   According to the AJC, about a foot of rain fell in 24 hours.  Haven't heard yet just how much of the state will be declared a disaster zone, but quite a few counties must qualify. 


  1. You wouldn't do that to cute little Jimmney Cricket, would you??

  2. I went to Oregon last week to meet a lady blogging friend and stayed in a campsite right next to two railroad tracks and thought they would drive me crazy all night long.

    Odd, but I slept right through them passing by all night long.

    Since gutting out this place and redoing it my place is very quite at night, I hear nothing that is going on outside.

    I like my peace and quite. I'm not sure we have crickets here, we don't have many things here that make noise at night.

    Other than idiot monkeys squealing tires and such.

  3. I don't sleep well due to pain issues, but on the other hand, it's helping me get my musical arrangements and other things caught up.

    You guys have my sympathy, it seems that The Rain In Spain is Mainly falling on you guys.

  4. I spent quite a few years living close to railroad tracks, so I think the sound of trains would relax me.

    I was surprised I wasn't able to fall back asleep. Not sure why I couldn't, but I was wide awake until about 9 a.m. -- once I was in the office and supposed to work, the eyelids immediately grew heavy and I got to spend the rest of the day avoiding snoring and/or drooling on the keyboard.

  5. While preparing a lesson plan for some fifth graders my wife came across a recipe for (phonetically) "Mooflay" which is the cooked snout of a moose. I guess the only solice is that, like the indians, no part goes unused.


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