Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strange things seen in my travels

A rest area east of Jackson, Mississippi, along I-20 had signs posted on the rest room stall doors reminding people that the proper receptacle for used toilet paper is the toilet and not the floor.

I guess they do realize that people who need directions on the socially acceptable way to wipe one's ass may be a tad mentally challenged, as the signs did include pictures as well as words.


  1. There are places even here in Pencil-Tuckey where you are advised NOT to place toilet paper in the toilets but in a recepticle provided.

    This is because of water pressure and waste pipe issues, usually because they were installed any installation code.

    Possibly, people experience the same thing in some parts of Mississippi, and they are afraid if they flush they'll stop up the plumbing as that's what happens where they live.


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