Monday, January 7, 2013


Do you ever bother with dream analysis? I have acquaintances who read deep meanings into every dream they experience. They keep dream journals and reach for a pen as soon as they're awake. I'm always quietly amazed they can remember anything. When I dream, I usually just remember flashes of weirdness. Like this morning. I woke up feeling like I'd just shot a scene from Them!, although I didn't have a conscious memory of having seen any giant, fire-breathing ants. Very strange. This was one of those mornings where I kind of wished I could remember more. Were the S.O. and I somehow shrunk down to the size of ants, or did we encounter ants that had mutated to the size of Shetland ponies? What sort of deep meaning, if any, should I read into it? Or was this simply a reminder to add ant traps to the shopping list?


  1. Nan,
    My dreams are vivid and in color - I know that people are there that I know but can't see them.

    Great post!

  2. 99.9999 percent of your dreams are just your brain doing it's own thing while you sleep, these dreams have no useful meanings so there is no point in analyzing them. It's just your brain playing with itself while you are not alert and trying to control it.

    I've only had one dream in my life I consider important and playing out.

  3. Just noticed the graphic said a bad dream, can't say that I've had many of them in my 69 years, and they were only minor bad.

  4. When I have remembered and looked up the meanings of dreams it has been like horoscopes - general and uninformative. So I stopped trying to remember them. Hope you have a good nights sleep tonight!

  5. Sleep without dreams is the best...restful. Your brain is a hard drive and when you are asleep it goes into random memory and any thing or combination can pop up. People who expect to dream cue their minds before dropping off -

    I have often dreamed of flying ... I made my first static line parachute jump when I turned seventy. I would like to jump again this year, but $250 a jump hits my budget pretty hard - probably won't be able to.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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