Friday, January 11, 2013

Kelvinator redux

Back in May I mentioned bidding a fond farewell to our ancient Kelvinator. Turned out it wasn't totally gone. This was in the mail today:
What did I find when I opened the box, you ask?
This stash of CFLs is a thank you to us from a consortium of public power companies in Michigan -- various REAs and a couple of municipal power companies -- because we decided to jettison our energy hog antique refrigerator. The S.O. and I looked at that stash of CFLs, thought about just how infrequently we've had to change the ones we already own, and had the same thought: we now have a lifetime supply of lightbulbs. The S.O. is such a cheap bastard so frugal he made the switch to CFLs years ago. About the only incandescent left in our house is the one in the refrigerator.


  1. If my newest fridge has a light in it I'm not aware of it, guess it burned out before I got it.

  2. Our new club has more damn incandescent bulbs in it than you can shake a stick at. I guess the building committee doesn't give a damn about the ecology.

  3. Hate the bulbs - can't see in my house anymore. But I buy them. The sting must be less when they are free.

  4. Yeah, we used to use those. Then one exploded and set the laundry room afire about four years ago, and we switched back to incandescents.
    I have a friend who has also had a fire caused by a CFL failure, so it probably isn't all that uncommon.

  5. Our CFLs last about 1/10 as long as the incandescents.


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