Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is there any other type?

Have supermarkets started peddling potatoes grown in vats? Is there some new secret process for producing spuds that doesn't involve dirt?

And what unnatural oil might be like? WD-40 maybe? Or maybe 10W30?

I'm also mystified as to why any company feels like it has to include advertising on the bag the product is in. I'm pretty sure that anyone who's pulled a bag of chips off the shelf has already decided those chips are going in the shopping cart.

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  1. Heck... these days we don't even check that stuff... we head right to the "sodium" content. Really though, Bill & I are both "label readers".... we just try to cut through the BS and see what's actually IN the item. (haven't bought a Frito-Lay product in quite a few years)...


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