Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy birthday, Nerf


  1. The kid. The dog's name was Prince.

  2. Surely the 'kid' is no longer a kid?

    How old is the be-shawled and wonderfully frocked cutie now? Or is this question 'rude'?

    The young lady is well ahead of her time with that very fashionable Fascinator though!

  3. She qualifies for the senior discount at Denny's now, so she's definitely no longer a kid.

  4. Well, at that age, assuming Denny's defines a 'senior' as someone over the age of say, 40, the state of being a 'kid' is in the mind anyway, I reckon.
    My Tutor tells me he is a shy, 14 year old boy trapped in a 50-ish man's body. He is seriously deranged and mistaken. The age of that poor trapped youth is no more than 8, based on his penchant for flatulence jokes and really bad puns.


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