Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm sitting here semi-listening to the early local news, hearing the traffic reports and once again being happy I'm able to walk to work, sipping my coffee, playing Tetris (I love the classics) and generally killing time until I have to head for the Dilbert cage for the day when my ears perk up: a local teen is upset over the invasion of her privacy by the manager of a local cell phone outlet.

Turns out this 18-year-old naif had taken some rather intimate photos of herself -- showing off the new Wonder bra for the boyfriend, perhaps, or just indulging in fantasies of being a Victoria's Secret model -- using her cellphone. She left the photos on the phone, then brought it to the store for some unspecified reason. (In their usual fine style of reporting only 1/5th of a story, the TV newshounds fail to mention whether she needed to have it serviced or if she was turning it in after closing an account.) Suddenly her private photos weren't so private anymore. And she's shocked. And outraged. And generally freaking out because people she doesn't know have seen her in her unmentionables.

Here's a hint, kid: if you don't want the whole world to see you flaunting the new thong, don't take a picture of it to begin with. Or, if you are dumb enough to play at being an exhibitionist, delete the photos before handing the device they're stored on to a total stranger.

Ah, the innocence of youth. . . I'm not sure which amuses me more: her initial dumb mistake with the photos, or the fact she was willing to go on local TV to tell the whole world she was an idiot.

(Kids today have no clue about the levels of protection against future embarrassment offered by the now defunct technology of Polaroid film -- only one copy of the money shot, and it could be shredded.)


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  2. (Ooops- that was me. Trying again...)

    I'm not sure which amuses me more: her initial dumb mistake with the photos, or the fact she was willing to go on local TV to tell the whole world she was an idiot.

    I'm reminded of a couple of recent news items. A week ago or so, a young lady in Hudson, Wisconsin, got into a teenaged feud with a couple of boys in her class. To get even, they plastered naked pictures of her all over the boys' locker room.

    Where did they get the naked pictures of this girl? Why, from the other guys she'd sent them to, via cell phone. You can fill in the chain of custody from there.

    (The boys involved were arrested- I don't recall the charges- and expelled from the school; quite frankly, I'm not sure how I feel about that.)

    As far as the wisdom of going to the media, I read a story a few months back about a mother who was horrified to find that Google Maps' "street view" displayed an exterior image of her house and yard if you searched out her street.

    (This was going to make life much easier for the lurking pedophiles who've been waiting for their opportunity to Google her address so they could molest her children.)

    So what did she do? Filed suit against Google, thereby ensuring that her address and her house pictures would hit the blogosphere. Smart.

  3. a good reason for me not to get a cell i would probably be tempted to take pictures of my ass and send it to people telling them to kiss it..ok, so im not a real growd up..


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