Friday, May 23, 2008

Taking a break

Heading out on vacation tomorrow morning doing a road trip that will take us over to Texas to visit the Younger Daughter in the piney woods of Sabine County, then up through Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin to Upper Michigan. Once we hit the U.P. it will be like stepping back into the 1950s at the "camp" with no computer, no telephone, and no indoor plumbing. There is electricity so it isn't totally rustic. The S.O. and I will be spending part of the time working on the retirement bunker, but most of the vacation will be simply . . . vacation.

No Wolf Blitzer for almost three weeks. It's going to be wonderful.

[Note to self: pack lots of mosquito repellent.]


  1. Give a holler if you're nearby!

  2. stop by and i'll give you a shit load of books to read...remember the texas motto.....'fuck ya'll we're texan's.'

  3. The book offer is tempting, but the S.O. is already complaining about the amount of stuff in the back of the truck and reminding me weight affects mileage.


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