Friday, July 18, 2008

Aging gracefully

One of the unexpected bonuses of growing older:

I can no longer see where the dirt is. It struck me recently that unless it's a really bright sunny day and I'm standing in exactly the right spot, thanks to the bifocals I don't really see dust on the bookshelves, cobwebs in the corners, or crumbs on the kitchen floor. If I'm not seeing it, I'm not feeling compelled to clean it. Life is good.


  1. How very freeing!

    I'm getting there.

  2. not that i have ever really gave a shit..but the older i get the less i DO give a my friend anessa was bitching and carrying on about inky...and the kids..just like i was fucking ann landers or somebody..finally i looked at her and said"I don't care"...she stopped mid sentence and said what?????? i said...I don't care...just reallly don't care...either give them kids up for adoption, divorce inky or quit telling me your woes....cuase i laughed and left...huh..I was not kidding...dead serious..just dont care...

  3. Re: "I don't care." I've had the same experience, sort of. I'll say exactly what I'm thinking and people react like I'm joking -- it's like, whoa, she can't really be that direct, can she? Every so often someone will tell me they appreciate my "dry wit." Most of the time what they're rationalizing as "wit" is a simple statement of fact that they really don't want to hear -- so they treat it like a joke.


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