Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A promising start

Yesterday was the first day of the detail with a different division within Large Nameless Agency. It was a promising start. The first thing my guide showed me while doing the obligatory tour of the office area was the (dramatic pause) supplies closet, accompanied by the phrase "If you need something and it's not in here, let us know. We'll get it for you." No lock on the door to prevent people from binging on index cards or huffing Sharpies, no guarding of the post-it notes, no looking dubious about the need for scotch tape.

Then the project director took me to lunch. I think I'm going to like it there.


  1. good beginnings..hope it is good..

  2. That's excellent!

  3. Are you sure you went to the right office?

    Check the sign on the door before you put too much stuff on your desk. Doesn't sound like you're still in a gubmint facility.

  4. Work is a four letter word. My best jobs were when I had my own business's. Always said that if I was going to work for an idiot it should be myself.

    I didn't notice any smell from the rats, they had been up there for some time. When I removed the plastic and they fell on the floor one did have a maggot crawling out of its eye. Bit of a gross sight.

  5. When I went to work for the federal government in the late '80s, I was an editor in a publications group. I asked the Admin Assistant for some red pencils. She said "No one's ever asked for those before." The other editors got a chuckle out of that! They asked, she wouldn't order. (Red pencils? So ... decadent!)


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