Thursday, July 24, 2008

My life is a cliche

Yesterday was one of those good news, bad news days:

The good news -- I got picked to serve as production editor on a fairly high profile project. The work will be interesting, and I'll get to take two books* from initial idea to final product. Thanks to various budget constraints, I'll even get to do most of the lay-out because adding a graphics artist to the team might not be possible.

The bad news -- the division putting out these publications wants the editor "embedded" within their work group so it'll be easier to bounce ideas off each other and get feedback without having to schedule formal meetings. That means I have to temporarily change work locations.

The good news -- the office space they're sticking me into looks like it's bigger than my living room, the furniture is real wood, you could land a 747 on the desk, there's a door that closes, and there are actual windows overlooking a wooded creek. Natural light and peace and quiet. After a full year in my dimly lit interior cubicle, my system may take awhile to adjust.

The bad news -- it's in a different office park. My 7-minute walk to work ends tomorrow; Monday I'll be getting on a bus.

The good news -- MARTA stops right in front of the building.

More good news -- it is not the main LNA campus.

The bad news -- the bus only runs through there once an hour during rush hour, and switches to every other hour in the middle of the day.

The good news -- it may run only once an hour, but at least I still won't have to drive myself.

Overall, the good appears to outweigh the bad: I'm getting to do something more creative than usual, the project is one where there is no pre-determined government boilerplate template the documents have to fit into so I may be able to keep the content in plain language instead of having it degenerate into bureaucratese, and even the longer commute won't be particularly onerous compared to what the average working sap in Atlanta endures. And it's all scheduled to by December 31 so a mere five months from now I'll have the short commute back.

*They may be book length but would be more accurately described as advertising brochures justifying the existence of a newly created program area.


  1. go get a james lee burke book and read it on the bus...or mart or what ever they are...don't have anything like that in need a ride? a neighbor or kinfolk..

  2. Creative, positive, finite.

    You win!!!!!


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