Monday, July 7, 2008

I love irony

Interesting article in today's Washington Post

Packing Protection or Packing Suicide Risk?

It appears that the folks who are so insistent on owning guns for self-defense are more likely to shoot themselves than they are to use their weaponry against intruders or muggers.

Irony? Poetic justice? Instant karma? Or all three?


  1. oh most assuredly ..all three...i'm still for all the guns you want just no bullets..

  2. Actually, I've already written tomorrows post and will mention guns some. But a lot of owning a gun is about training and using it safely.

    National park or national forest? In a comment you left on another blog you said the latter -- or are you just being coy about where you camp in order to keep the number of other campers who go there low?

    Too me those two ways of stating it are interchangeable. All parks in the NW are in forests, I think.

    No, not being coy at all, I even gave the name of the campground I was at. Altair is in the Olympic National Park/Forest. On the Elwah River.

    Go to the Olympic National Park website and you can find where I was camping.


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