Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My morning walk

I need to start carrying my camera on the walks to and from work. Never know what I'm going to see, especially if I take the time to pause on the bridge and look down at Peachtree Creek. For the past few mornings I've been noticing one of these, and I'd have liked to been able to use my own photo instead of borrowing from the web:
Still, I don't know why seeing a heron surprised me. A few months ago the AJC ran a feature article on author David Kaufmann. Kaufmann spent ten years exploring Peachtree and its tributaries. His book, Peachtree Creek: A Natural and Unnatural History of Atlanta's Watershed, contains amazing photos. Despite being so thoroughly polluted in places as to qualify unabashedly as an open ditch sewer, Peachtree still supports an astounding variety of wildlife.


  1. That's awesome. There's something majestic about the heron.

  2. Great Big Herman!

    Always was one of my favorite birds... love the s-bend way they carry their necks when they fly.


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