Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sarah Palin - The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Washington Post has an article today on Bible Spice's attempts to pull her political career out of the toilet. The woman has a rich fantasy life. I saw pieces of her chat with Wolf Blitzer. She sounded like she suffers from Tourette's, without, of course, the colorful random obscenities that can make actual Tourette's so much more interesting than the usual mindless babbling. Her "answers" came close to qualifying as glossolalia. Wolf would ask a question; Bible Spice would respond with a string of disjointed sound bites and stale talking points. And way too many references to doors.

Doesn't she get it? The door got slammed in her face, and the American public is (to borrow the metaphors being tossed around on Mudflats yesterday) busy nailing it shut, pushing large pieces of furniture in front of it, and looking around for sheets of plywood or concrete blocks to make sure the closure is permanent.

Wolf had invited viewers to submit video questions for Palin, and to his credit he used a couple tough ones, including the obvious "Still think God's on your side?" Her rather bizarre response was essentially that the progressives managed to outpray the conservatives. Shades of Catholics who believe the more candles you light, the better. Very, very strange.

Watching her responses to questions about what happens if (a) Ted Stevens wins re-election (still a strong possibility); and (b) the Senate kicks the felon out was intriguing. Would she consider appointing herself to fill the seat? She tapdanced in a way that was designed to make it look like she was being humble when the reality is that she'd have to be a total and complete idiot to do that -- and, although Bible Spice is remarkably ignorant on many levels, she's not an idiot. She also never mentioned that the rules in Alaska are that, although the governor could do an interim appointment, there'd have to be a special election within 90 days of Stevens' resignation. If she appointed herself to fill the seat, she'd be giving up the governorship with no assurance she could win the special election. Given the current political climate up there and her sinking approval ratings, odds are that if she took that chance she'd end up back in Wasilla quietly cursing the day she said yes to McCain -- and blaming it all on the evil, evil MSM with its gotcha questions.

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  1. "Bible Spice"- is that yours? Pure genius!

    Every time I see her composing an on-the-fly answer, making Dubya look eloquent in the process, I'm reminded of last year's viral video of Miss Teen South Carolina explaining why her peers are ignorant of geography.

    "I personally believe that some U.S. Americans don't have maps, and ummm, the Iraq..."

    Coulda been her!

    And hey, how about that Matt Lauer? Not content with flying up to Alaska to touch the hem of her garment, he tossed her batting practice pitches and failed to follow up egregious distortions in a way that revealed it was Katy Couric had the Today Show's gravitas supply all along!


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