Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance at work

I don't think much actual work is going to be accomplished here at LNA today. Colleagues are too elated following yesterday's election. The last few years have been quite demoralizing for the scientists and other staff -- lots of being forced to pander to religious ideologues, editing reports to downplay things that didn't line up with White House beliefs, seeing respected researchers assigned to dead end projects or being forced into early retirements. I'm low enough in the food chain and lucky enough to work in an area where it was never an issue for me, but I've heard the horror stories. And I did occasionally wonder just what I would do if I got asked to write a public web site feature that I knew was garbage, like something claiming condoms don't work in preventing STDs or that having an abortion causes cancer. Fortunately, it never happened.

Wonder when and if the rats will start leaving the ship here? Under the Bush administration a lot of people came in at the Senior Executive Service level -- they get paid whopping salaries for not doing a whole lot -- so it would be nice to see some of that deadwood cleaned out. A lot of us lower level peons are hoping that exodus starts soon.


  1. I hope those rats are encouraged to vamoose. I'm really happy for you. Science should not be subjected to the whims of any religion or ideology.

    This is a happy day.

  2. happy days are here again...i still can't get that grin off my face.

  3. We got sick and tired of the Republicans, and in four or eight years we will be sick and tired of the Democrats. Maybe then we can get in an Independent of some sort in to give it a shot. If we are not in anarchy.

    Just how much power do you people think a president has? Not that damn much in some ways. I don't expect things to change much for the next year, other than to maybe get worse. This country is full of people that think they are special and should be spoiled, yeah, lets see how it is in a year.

    I like the man but I'm not blowing soap bubbles yet. And if he does do a good job and we love him we have to let him go in eight years, how do you like those beans?


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