Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another trip in the Wayback Machine

Back to the days before Mick started looking like he'd given head to an elephant, before Keith Richards resembled a cadaver, and before Brian Jones stopped breathing.

YouTube Music Videos 60s 70s - Rolling Stones On Red Skelton Show via

Rolling Stones. Red Skelton. Definitely two names I never thought I'd combine in the same post.


  1. when the stones first came out the family that lived right next door to us had a bunch of teenage kids who would come over and visit me when bob was at work 48/48 and the oldest one was an exact dead ringer for mick was frightning..and she got teased beyong the realm of reason...I'm not sure what kept her from killing her self or was wicked and ugly..that' what i think of when i see mick..

  2. Re, "looking like he'd given head to an elephant ..."

    Be expecting a bill for outpatient treatment of moderate coffee-related nostril scalding.



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