Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End of an error

I'm sitting at work, and like every other person in the building I'm watching/listening to the inaugural events on C-SPAN over IPTV on the agency's intranet. Could that be why Aretha is sounding like an old-fashioned vinyl LP that's been played way too many times? To say the sound quality sucks is an understatement.

The video is out of sync, too, because the image is still fucktard Rick Warren. On the other hand, Biden is now being sworn in, so who cares how crappy the feed is?

I am curious as to how this whole inaugural ritual evolved -- it's this strange combination of an awards show and a trip to the DMV. Musical number. Oath of office. Musical number. Truly bizarre.

But the speech has begun, so it's time to stop typing and start listening.

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