Friday, June 19, 2009

First they came for the peanut butter. . .

And now this:

Food maker Nestle USA on Friday voluntarily recalled its Toll House refrigerated cookie dough products after a number of illnesses were reported by those who ate the dough raw.

The company said the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control are investigating reported E. coli illnesses that might be related to the ingestion of raw cookie dough.

[Photo of e. coli bacterium from the CDC's Public Health Images Library.]


  1. I have always been amazed how many people like to eat raw cookie dough. It has never been a favorite of mine nor my children's. I hope the scare is not serious though.

  2. I've always loved raw cookie dough, even though I know I'm taking a risk every time I eat any... Stuped E.Coli! Ruining such a good thing!

  3. Cookie dough is one of the major food groups. It's right up there with chcolate and Dr. Pepper.


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