Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stuff I never thought I'd see in my mailbox

I got home from work and found this waiting for me:I never, ever thought I'd get summoned for jury duty. We've lived all over the country, the S.O. has gotten notices, the Younger Daughter has gotten notices, but never ever yours truly.

I won't make it on to an actual jury, of course. That would be too much to hope for. In fact, odds are that when I call the night before I'll discover the closest I'm getting to the courthouse is mailing the questionnaire back.

(My team lead is going to be thrilled by this news, I say sarcastically. July 13 is the day I'm supposed to be back in the office following a 2-week vacation. She just signed off on the leave request yesterday. I think I'll wait awhile to share this news with her.)


  1. (((Wife))) got jury duty last winter: she was there for a half-day and got to watch a mistrial. (((Boy))) has Jury duty in July. I actually want to go on jury duty, but have never been called. Have fun. Should be educational.

  2. What? I get called all the time! I've never served but have had to go in and wait all day many times.

    But once I got picked as an alternate, so I had to go and sit and listen to the trial for several days, and then on the day of deliberation I was sent home.

    It was rather, uh, unsatisfying.

  3. I used to get called all the time. Served on two juries and my verdict prevailed. I loved jury duty. Love doing my civic duty. It's very interesting to see the inside of a trial from the jurors eyes.

  4. I recently blogged about everyone in my household being summoned for jury duty at least once, some multiple times - except me. The very next day - I GOT SUMMONED. This period runs for four months - May - August. I haven't heard anything so far and I will be on vacation next week. Should be interesting.


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