Friday, June 5, 2009


I've been feeling brain dead all week. Maybe it's the effect of having to edit and then proof galleys for an article on mad cow disease -- or a variation on mad cow.

The research itself sounded like it fell into the mad scientist category, strange experiments involving transgenic mice created so they have pig proteins in them (I kept thinking, wow, those would be the world's smallest pork chops), and then was written up with a zillion technical terms and bizarre acronyms. Not nearly as much fun to edit as the giant anteaters with influenza report was.

I am, nonetheless, feeling quite comfortable in the current cubicle. Still don't know if I'll be in it permanently (or what counts as permanently here at Large Nameless Agency), but I've noticed more and more of my stuff seems to be showing up: calendars, plants, family photos, souvenir coffee cups. Definite nest building activity. There had been some talk of an actual office with a door, but after two months in this space, I'm thinking why bother? Obviously the ambient noise doesn't bother me, so why go through the hassle?

And now. . . back to proofing galleys, as I move on to chlamydia, gene typing, and ompA*, which of course always makes me think of this:

I'm definitely ready for the weekend.
[*outer membrane protein A]

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  1. The old school Oompa Loompas were the best. Have a nice weekend!


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