Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trip down Nostalgia Lane

It's that time of year when people are heading to reunions. I have no desire to attend one myself, but after reading Lisa's pre-reunion posts and her mention of Cindy Lauper, I started thinking about oldies. . . and this is what was number one on the Billboard charts the week I graduated from high school.

I really am older than dirt.


  1. I admit that I could not even comment on Lisa's post as 1984 was the year I was married - and I was 30. The number 1 song when I graduated from high school was American Pie by Don McLean.

  2. The Young Rascals for me, "Groovin'"

    Not bad, but Percy Sledge is wat=y better.

  3. Old is a state of mind, right? None of you are old.

  4. I love this song and trying not to feel old


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