Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missing the S.O.

This is where I'm spending a good chunk of the afternoon: I know there are other and much better reasons to miss the S.O. while he's off cavorting in Upper Michigan, but the nifty way he took care of the boring chores like laundry while I was at work is nonetheless fairly high on the list. Really makes a person understand why men are so fond of the concept of the stay-at-home wife. Last year a few weeks before he left for the summer it occurred to me that I had never actually seen the laundry room in this complex. I'd had no reason to. I made the mistake of saying so out loud. The following day I came home to this slide show:

Turn by turn directions, starting just outside our front door, looking up hill:

Follow the sidewalk up hill to the left turn:

Keep following the sidewalk:

Around another corner:

The Door:

And you've already seen the interior. Not exactly one of the posher laundry rooms I've seen, but it's clean, the cost is reasonable, and the machines work.


  1. Well there is that one good thing.

  2. That S.O. of yours has quite the sense of humor! I hope he had a good birthday.

    And I hear you on the having someone home to do the housework. That's what I like about summer when MathMan is home to manage kids and house while I work.


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