Thursday, August 7, 2008

Knowing when to quit

I don't normally think much about sports, but I do wish Brett Favre had figured out it was time to express his love of football in a different way, like maybe coaching, instead of trying to hang in there as a quarterback for another season or two. Or three. Or four. It's looking like he's decided he wants to top Vinnie Testaverde's record for most consecutive seasons of throwing at least one successful touchdown pass, and at this point that requires several seasons to go.

Packers Trade Favre to the Jets
Green Bay Makes Deal for Draft Pick, Ending Protracted Dispute With QB

The Green Bay Packers agreed last night to trade quarterback Brett Favre to the New York Jets, a final surprising twist to a football soap opera that already had been full of them.


  1. Ranger Sue's response when I read this post aloud: "Exactly! Even down to Vinnie!"

  2. part of me wants him to go home sit on the couch and become a arm chair quarterback..but part of me understands...ask any player's hard to let matter how selfish it is..

  3. My price to sit on my butt would be considerably less than the $25 mil the Packers offered Brett. I personally am only good for about 3 days in NYC. I hope the lad from Kiln, MS knows what he's getting into.


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