Sunday, August 31, 2008

She's back

The Younger Daughter e-mailed yesterday and then called later in the day to let me know she's safely back in east Texas. So now I can stop worrying about the various dangers of firefighting and switch to worrying about her being in the general area that Gustav is predicted to roll through. A mother's work is never done.

Tammi put in a plug for yoga -- she had been worried about the steep terrain and higher altitudes than she's used to, but said she never had any trouble worth mentioning. She credits her yoga routine and its breathing techniques for improving lung capacity as well as helping with general agility and endurance.

(And that tool in her hand is a Pulaski.)


  1. I'm glad she's safe, but still in need of worry. It is a parent's job, isn't it?

    And I love that endorsement for yoga. I keep telling myself to get started again so that's inspirational.

  2. Good quote from Mudflats.. :D
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hope your daughter stays safe..

  3. Glad to hear she's back safely. I have a great deal of admiration for the fire fighters, especially the hand crews.

    So far, the only fire I've been to was down in the Great Dismal Swamp (SECM). It was hot and wet. I much prefer the west.

    Of course, I just put my name on the mobilization list, and the hurricanes show up. I was already in Louisiana for Katrina. I don't want to go back there, but I will if needed.

  4. She told me yesterday her supervisor told her not to report to work tomorrow (Tuesday). Once the storm passes, she's to call her supervisor and let him know she's okay. She's been told they will all be putting in lots of overtime helping with clean-up afterwards. She's nervous, but is in a pretty solid house on high ground. She's setting up an interior bathroom as a space to shelter in so if windows blow out she won't have to worry about flying glass. The last time I looked at a map, Gustav was predicted to track more or less directly over where she lives, but by the time it gets there it'll be "only" a tropical storm. I am moderately worried about tornadoes being spawned by the storm, of course, but otherwise figure she's far enough inland that she'll be okay.

  5. you would worry about her if she was a kindergarten teacher..
    I doubt she would be in the way of anything major up in east texas..we're supposed to get some rain here in central texas, but south texas will get a pounding and so will poor new orleans...we're schedueled to get 45,000 people..sigh*..just so sad..

  6. It'll be down to tropical storm intensity by the time it hits where she lives, but right now it's still looking like she's dead center in the storm track. So for sure she's going to see a lot of wind and rain over the next couple days.

    For sure I'd worry if she was a kindergarten teacher. Those little kids with their scissors and glue can be vicious. (I'd probably worry about her if she was a cloistered nun. I'd be concerned about her bruising her knees while praying.)

  7. Hurricane-spawned tornados are generally weak and short-lived.

    Rain is what y'all should be ready for. Eastern Oklahoma is supposed to get a foot, like, almost all at once.

  8. Nice pic. We're glad Tammi's safely back.


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