Friday, August 29, 2008

What happened, John? Did your first 20 or 30 picks say no?

Have I internalized misognynism if I find myself thinking that McCain picked Palin because, not being content to screw the country, he also wants to screw his possible VP? There's already at least one web site up ( that implies other guys find her attractive, so I'm obviously not the only person on the planet to think that way.

If McCain wanted youth and conservatism coupled with not much experience, there was the governor of Louisiana -- definitely young, definitely hard right wing and loved by the fundies, and but also definitely not so totally inexperienced as Palin. If he wanted a vagina to pander to PUMAs (who are all going to vote for him anyway), there's Condi and Kay Bailey Hutchinson and a bunch of other Republican women who have been paying their party dues for many, many years. Instead what does he get? A perky hockey mom who's been governor of a low population state for barely a year. The Republicans are touting her as having "executive experience" because she was the part-time mayor of a town where the moose probably outnumber the people. It makes no sense . . . unless (a) it's yet another move on his part hoping to ensure his defeat because he really doesn't want to have to deal with the mess he knows Bush is leaving; and/or (b) Mitt, Bobby, and the rest of the gang told him, no thanks, they had no interest in watching their political futures crash and burn with his. Sarah, however, was naive enough to return John's phone call and to be seduced by the idea of making history. (Who knows -- maybe she's positioning herself for the eventual presidency of the NRA.)

I saw Palin on one of the Sunday news shows a few months ago. She didn't totally embarrass herself then, but there was a lot less pressure on her. It'll be interesting to see how she does with the media and campaigning in general.


  1. arghghghghghghghgh.
    junebugg and i were
    watching the speech and right after it was over i just watch..mccain is going to pick a woman for vp...judas priest..

  2. Oh, brother!

    Feels like Harriet Myers or Bernie Kerik. Will Palin be pulled from the national stage before the middle of September?


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