Saturday, August 16, 2008

Corps of Engineers strikes again

Why does this not surprise me?

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Damaged by Border Wall Flood Obstruction
New Park Service Report Details Environmental, Infrastructure Damage Caused by Predictable Border Wall Flood Problems
A newly obtained National Park Service report details ecological and infrastructure damage in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument caused by flood obstruction and debris accumulation along recently constructed portions of the border wall. Damage includes severe erosion, infrastructure damage, and movement of floodwaters and drainages behind debris obstructions into adjacent deserts and, in one case, through a border-crossing station.
Although Homeland Security is responsible for oversight of the project, the Corps of Engineers did the construction work. DHS had, of course, reassured the Park Service and other interested parties that the fence had been designed in such a way that it would cause no environmental problems.

Update: Posted this on Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon I happened to catch a report on PBS's NOW about the fence. Apparently the much-touted border defense is being built with huge gaping holes in it as well as being sited several miles back from the border along some stretches. Boondoggle doesn't even begin to cover it. And, on the same subject, this is a great song. (One of these days I'm going to solve the mystery of why Blogger won't let me embed videos.)


  1. Those lying pricks. Homeland security my ass.

  2. you mean someone actually believed them?...what schmucks

  3. What are they - a bunch of Homers or what?

  4. Mixed feelings here... not happy (or surprised) that the Corps is doing its usual ham-handed job. But I can't quite forget that Organ Pipe is the very park where one of my colleagues (and the nephew of a friend) was shot and killed by Mexican drug dealers who treated the border as a joke.


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