Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some favorite neon

For some reason I was thinking about Seattle today. This is always the first thing I think of when someone says Seattle -- the elephant of your dreams: Harvey's isn't exactly in Seattle -- it's actually over the line on Highway 99 in Lynnwood in Snohomish County -- but I do like the sign.
This one's a classic -- can't remember exactly where we spotted it other than it was somewhere close to downtown but north of Pike Place Market.
Speaking of which. . .
And here's what the elephant looks like at night. Both elephants rotate and drops of neon water cascade down. The car wash is on a piece of prime real estate, so for all I know these guys no longer exist -- but I sure hope they're still there.
Would have sworn I had a good one of the Bardahl sign, too, but if I do I forgot to label it -- and it's been a long enough day that I'm not up to spending any more time digging through the archive.


  1. every time i think of seattle i think of back when all the plants closed down and there was a sign on the highway that said will the last person leaving seattle please turn the lights out..

  2. Wow- that elephant is awesome, and Harvey shows a degree of cultural literacy you'll rarely encounter today. Nice finds!

  3. Sent you a roadside classic via not enough of a technonerd to figure out how to link it here.

  4. I've never been to Seattle. I love the Northwest. I really need to go there.

    Those pictures are great. I love neon!


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