Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back from the bunker

Things that apparently happened while I was happily contemplating maples changing colors:

1. Gas lines in Atlanta. Not only is the price sky-high here, there's not enough of the stuff to go around.

2. Katie Couric did a tough interview. Sort of. Based on the clips I saw, Couric's questions were not exactly an example of attack journalism. It's more like Katie was pitching softballs while Sarah was still stuck in the tee-ball league.

3. Senator McCain managed to prove that maturity has nothing to do with age.

4. The tabloids are still hammering the Republicans. The Globe has a front page headline screaming about Cindy McCain's drug addiction.

5. Another perverted Bible-banger got caught with his pants down.

I am definitely wishing I could have stayed in the bunker a little longer.


  1. Um, welcome back. Hope your gas tank is full. Are you still able to take public transportation to work?

  2. Public transit's still an option; gas tank is at the half full mark but I'm thinking I'll stick with MARTA until I see that the local gas stations have numbers back up on their signs. We went to Target earlier today and noticed that of the half dozen gas stations between here and there only one had gas -- and it had a long, long line of cars waiting to get into it.

  3. I'm going to go get gas this's 30 cents cheaper in waco so i will make the trek...eeew...
    I tried to go back to work today..didnt make it...tomorrow for sure..

  4. GREAT POST, NAN. Welcome back! We have probably the lowest gas prices in the country. Go figure, no refinery, not huge production. Surely it has to be trucked in. Maybe the Mormons have a deal with god.

    You really summed it up in quick order with great links. Thanks for leading with the tabloid headline screamer about Cindy. I'm not married to the old foul mouthed fart, but just watching him flail and whirlabout stepping on his own dick on TV makes me want to self- medicate.


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