Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heading for the bunker

Looks like I'm going to be able to escape on annual leave this weekend after all. I wasn't sure if the project manager would be willing to see me disappear for a full week, but she bought my argument that I needed to burn my credit hours now because I'll be earning lots more as we get closer to the final deadline for The Document. This is one time when having the ankle bracelet helps -- I will supposedly be in touch if she needs me.

I did not tell her I'm heading for a place where there is no internet. I will have no way of doing anything other than reading e-mails on the BlackBerry, and if I'm lucky, I'll discover there's no cell phone coverage at the farm. Any actual editing will have to wait for my return -- and even if there was an internet connection at the retirement bunker, it wouldn't help with work. I've never done the work-at-home paperwork with Large Nameless Agency so do not have the nifty little piece of technology (LNA calls it a "key fob") that would allow me to access LNA's networks from anywhere. And I will never do the work-at-home paperwork. I know some people like the idea of working from home, but I like to keep a nice sharp line between "work" and "not work."

Of course, the down side to no internet for a week is I'm not going to be able to feed my blog addiction. The sun had better be shining and the fall colors spectacular, or things could get ugly.

Wish me luck with flying the surly skies of Northwest. I'll be changing planes at ground zero for employee discontent (Minneapolis) so am not anticipating that stage of the trip being much fun.


  1. have a good time and don't worry about us ..we'll miss you but we'll all be here waiting for your return.

  2. Have fun and safe travels!

  3. BlackBerry *rolls eyes*

    Don't worry hon, the world will go on without you. I hope that you find some peace out there without all that, I do.

  4. Sounds like you're heading for the Gitchee Gumee area. As my old man said, "If the tail is red, take the train instead". Hope you clear our favorite airport and have a great week.

  5. If that picture is part of the package, you are going to be blissed-out with the beauty of it all.

  6. nan? are you ever coming out of your bunker?


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