Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bureaucratic competence strikes again

My electronic tether, the ankle bracelet in the form of a Blackberry, arrived today.

I did not, however, receive a charger. I smell freedom ahead -- all I have to do is run the battery down!


  1. im sans free of blackberry's, cell phones and all things that would connect me to the world, with the exception of my computer...

  2. I was wondering about a blackberry just today. My old laptop is too old to connect to my new desktop without a big hassle.

    All I ever used it for was to write documents with on the boat and then transferred them to my desktop at home.

    Now I would like to have something to carry in the camper when camping, being as all I want is something to write text on a Blackberry may do that?

    As long as it has a port for a full size keyboard, I don't do tiny keyboards.

  3. Hee hee. I'd wait a while before mentioning it.

  4. Yea, keep that oversight a secret as long as possible.


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