Monday, September 1, 2008

The real thing

Coca Cola made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Purists know there is a difference, just like every Dr. Pepper drinker knows Dublin Dr. Pepper is the best because it's made with cane sugar, but it's just about impossible to find the stuff. I've heard rumors Coke made with cane sugar appears in kosher sections of supermarkets during Passover, but have never been able to confirm that story.

Well, not anymore. I've learned the secret. Turned out Coke made with actual sugar is easy to find if you live in the right neighborhood. You just have to wander into a super mercado and look for the sodas hecho en Mexico, the Coca-Cola refresco that come in the 355 ml no retornable glass bottles.

I'm not going to linger long on the irony of having to buy Mexican Coke in Atlanta in order to find Coca-Cola that tastes the way it should.

Not all Mexican drinks are free of the curse of high fructose corn syrup, of course. Jumex canned nectars are loaded with the stuff. However, some of the other beverage brands do use sugar instead, and in smaller amounts than their U.S. counterparts. The Mexican mandarina soda I buy (and I'm blanking on the brand name) is sugar-sweetened, but has only 2/3s the calories of the same amount of Orange Crush.


  1. if you'll send me your address i'll send you some dublin dr pepper. and the small cokes here in west are the ones made with cane sugar just like the dublin dr peppers..

  2. before i became diabetic i would buy the mexican sangrarita drinks...sooo good..

  3. It's true! We've had the Passover Coke. In Chicago.

  4. The Dublin Dr Peppers offer is very tempting. I fear, however, that having once tasted real Dr. Pepper it would too frustrating to go back to the ordinary stuff.


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