Monday, September 15, 2008

Life's little mysteries

Brilliant at Breakfast has a great post on a subject that's long baffled me: why do we voters insist on electing politicians based on likability rather than competence? We wouldn't trust some amiable doofus to do a brake job on our cars, so why do we insist on mediocrity (or worse) in our leaders? I don't get it. But go read the whole thing. Jill said it a lot better than I can.


  1. it's always been that way..when abe lincoln ran for president they made 'ugly ape' jokes about him in the paper.some how the 'folk' think it he/she is pleasing to the eye, so is the inside..yeah, right..

  2. I'm baffled, too. I just listened to a discussion of how much Sarah Palin is "like us" this morning.

    Now these people don't believe in banning all abortion. They would be appalled if their daughters got pregnant at the age of 17. They don't see any need to ban books or censor television. They don't go to radical churches. They don't have sunbeds in their non-mansions. They don't hunt or own guns. They don't even work for gov't and I'm the only person in this office who's gotten a job because I knew the boss.

    But they think Sarah Palin is just regular folk.

    Baffled doesn't even begin to describe it.

    (I think I just got my next rant post - promise to credit you, Nan)


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