Saturday, September 13, 2008

It just crawled into the cart at Target

I swear I didn't reach for it voluntarily. It just crawled into the cart on its own. Honest. One minute I'm standing there in the checkout line waiting to pay for a David Sedaris book and thinking "Someone should reward that company for being the only muckrakers left" and the next thing I know I'm sitting in the Pizza Hut express drinking a cherry coke and reading a tabloid.

Oh, well. I now have something in common with the S.O.'s 86-year-old aunt Ingrid besides a love of quilting, although I'm not sure my buying one issue matches her lifelong addiction.

You know, though, after flipping through it I have to say the most amazing thing about this issue of the Enquirer isn't politics or Palin at all -- it's that Erik Estrada is still considered newsworthy.


  1. so...what the hell is she hiding?...besides her complete lack of experience?....

  2. Can I read it when you're through? I'm dying to know about Kirsten Dunst.

    (You're not the only lefty blogger who's purchased the NE lately, but I promised I wouldn't name names."

  3. People pay to read that crap? You actually bought one?

    *rolls eyes*

  4. Ingrid may be a fan of the National Enquirer, but I have to respect any woman who has ever whacked a bear in the noggin with a skillet!


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