Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Must Read Post for all Voters

I'd like to thank DCup at Politits for highlighting this. It addresses one of my pet peeves -- the whining from both sides when it comes to the current presidential campaign that one candidate or the other never provides any policy details or explains what "change" actually means. If you think either McCain or Obama or both have been fuzzy, vague, too non-specific, whatever, then read this -- and then find something else to whine about.

It does not, however, offer a cure for McCain's infuriating habit of starting every other phrase with "my friends." Sorry.


  1. ahh, some one who gets it..yes!...great post...wish i had said it..

  2. I love Miss Britt's post! I'm glad you posted about it, too, because it really sums up how I feel everytime I hear someone say that the candidates aren't giving any details.

    I wish I'd said it, too!

    Now, if Britt could take care of that odious "my friends" tic, I would suggest she run for queen of the universe.


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