Monday, August 10, 2009

30 years

of state-sanctified bliss effective tomorrow, August 11.


  1. Did we go right???

    And the word verification is "question". Sound right.

  2. Don't know. I always thought we were pretty hard core leftists.

  3. Congratulations to you both!

  4. But how can this be, since we all know that libruls are all polyamorous libertines with no respect for traditional institutions like Marriage?

  5. Ah, love those two, but not this country so much anymore, it's gone too astray.

    I'm looking into moving to Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a temperate climate, with a good social system and and it's cheap to live there.

    A big bonus to me is that they don't have a military the taxpayers have to support.

    Every country has it's down sides though, from what I read the roads really suck, but I think I could live with that being as they have one of the highest happiness ratings on this rock.

    You can move there and find a decent local woman that would love to live with you and screw your brains out if you just make her life a little better.

    Not a lot, just better, they are not as needy and wanting as these screwed up American women that want so much.

  6. Wow. Just wow.

    Now where was I?

    Oh, yes, about to wish you happy anniversary. Best to both of you!

  7. Happy anniversary! In October my wife and I will be celebrating our 41st.

    My poor wife. She was my first date and a blind date at that, we got married after I came home from my first tour in Viet Nam (not long after our nuptuals I did something in public which caused her to fume, "I didn't expect you to be sane when you got back but I did expect you to be HOUSEBROKEN"!!!)

    This is an illustration of our relationship:

    I am undergoing cancer treatment, and last year about this time we were at the VA in a waiting room which had been a treatment room and still had a lot of equipment in it) and one of our fellow patients thought it would be a good idea if we all joined hands and prayed.

    I declined, my wife did join as she is a believer, and afterward some of my fellows were remonstrating with me due to my lack of belief and "respect" for their rite.

    I paid no attention, I'd run out of book to read, so I found something else to occupy me. My wife started defending my stance.

    That's when the nurses came in as the believers were getting somewhat loud, but they came in hearing my wife saying, "...he was respectful of you, he just refuses to compromise his principles and digni...ty...leave. The Skeletonnneh! ALOOOOONEH!!!"

    The nurses came in to find me holding the skeleton's leg (which had come off in my hand) and looking sheepish, my wife with her head bowed, rubbing her temples.

    My wife says she couldn't stand not knowing what I'll get up to next, usually while rubbing her temples.

    We've travelled a lot of places, had kids, she kissed what was left of a face I couldn't stand to look at in a mirror after shrapnel got done with it, seen each other through very hard times, and she still lights up every corner of my life. We say "I love you" every day we're together.

    Hope you can do the same in ten years.

  8. Sarge got a good woman, that's great, not a lot of them around here. But the best I know lives next door, the beauty is inside her.

    I bought a cell phone.
    Got my land line number transferred to it because I'm dumping Qwest. Cell phones make me look like an idiot, I can't even figure out how to enter contacts in it. The instruction books suck and are of little help, and the print is too small. Cell phones should come with a DVD so you can watch an instructor showing you how to do things on one so that it doesn't take you hours trying to learn how to use it's features. Someone should be able to make some decent money selling DVD's showing others how to use them, I'd buy one being as I seem to be too frigging stupid to figure out how to use one.

    I guess you have to be a special kind of stupid to be able to rebuild an automatic transmission and use computers and not be able to figure out how to use a cell phone. There's more damn buttons on it than you can shake a stick at and pushing the wrong one just screws thing up.


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