Wednesday, August 12, 2009


  1. I think I read in Bertrand Russell about the lies about Jeremy Bentham and his supposed requirement to eat your grandmother.

    Then, I can't remember if it was Royko or another columnist who tried to track down a "liberal" textbook that encouraged the same sort of anthopophagy back in the 80's.

    The people who were doing the Jeremiad couldn't even tell him which textbook it was in, but they knew it was in one. Turned out that there was a mention that Inuit people of some stripe had been known to do so in the past, on occasion.

  2. How can we label others? They're all full of shit. But at least Palin is cute and has nice tits, he he he.

    I don't want her helping the country though. Actually, I want to run this country. But not through politics, the political system in this country is just bullshit that puts the wrong monkeys control.

    Life is like a can of mixed nuts, the big ones work their way to the top and we are stuck with voting for who represents us pawns in their game.

    Rolls eyes.

  3. I love this picture.. Did you see she has a new post up on FB?? Again attacking the president and with the death panel nonsense. Long listing of citations to back up her supposed proof that she is correct and he is wrong.. of course it is very obvious that she didn't write it..but that's beside the point right?

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my lowly blog.. Always love new visitors.

  4. I question why this woman cannot just fade away! She has nothing of any importance to add to any relevant conversation whatsoever. Her latest statements have had to have been written by others, as she is not that eloquent. But I do love the cartoon!


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