Friday, August 14, 2009

The move is over

I'm in the new office. No one is ever going to sneak up on me again -- and no one can see the VDT from the hallway. No more having to fake working -- now I'm free to be an active slacker.

I kid, of course. I work hard. I exceed production goals -- my biggest problem has never been not getting stuff done. It's been learning to slow down so my co-workers don't kill me for showing management that quotas are set too low. Still, it is going to be nice to be able to see who's coming before they're right next to me, and to actually close a door and have a private phone conversation if I need to.

And now back to my Sudoku game.


  1. Way to gooooo!! Hope you have a nice view also! Get back to your game now.....

  2. I wondered how you managed to read so many books! Enjoy your new space.

  3. Isn't "active slacker" like Jumbo Shrimp or Military Intelligence???


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