Monday, August 31, 2009

My fellow Americans

I spent half an hour in line at the post office today. You know, people are always bitching about the post office, but I've decided the problem isn't the post office, it's the customers.

We are talking Morons on Parade. Little old ladies in tennis shoes who act like they're mailing a letter for the first time in their lives, bozos wanting to mail packages in boxes that look like they've already been run over, idiots who can't understand why if their packages are sealed with Priority Mail tape (or are Priority Mail boxes) they have to pay the Priority Mail rate . . . and through it all the clerks kept on smiling and patiently trying to explain to these fools just what they had done wrong.

I kept having this feeling that I'd wandered into a scene from "Idiocracy" by mistake. If this group was a cross section of the US populace as a whole, the country's in even more trouble than I thought.


  1. I see the same things and more when I am in our post office. It seems that people would rather not read any instuctions or put any actual thought into what they do, then they complain about "the service."

  2. I do believe all your post office friends have relatives here!! It's like upon entering the premises...they all go brain dead!

  3. Geez, I've only been in a post office about three times in the last five years, but it seemed pretty normal other than the fact that things went slow.

    But this is a small town at the end of the country and stupid stuff takes a while to get here, but I know what you mean, it's starting to show up in other things here.

    I buy stamps at the grocery store so never go into a post office except to mail a package, hell I seldom even use stamps anymore either.

    Changing world, changing times, and as for America, I pretty much figure that it's fucked as we know it.

    But wasn't it a nice ride for a while?

  4. LOL! Great post! As someone who has spent a week mired in customer service hell, I totally empathize with the toil of the postal worker. My own personal retail hell is very much the same experience...thanks for noticing on the other side of the couner...


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