Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why does this not surprise me?

In today's Washington Post:

Blackwater Founder Accused in Court of Intent to Kill

The founder of Blackwater USA deliberately caused the deaths of innocent civilians in a series of shootings in Iraq, attorneys for Iraqis suing the security contractor told a federal judge Friday.

The attorneys singled out Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL who is the company's owner, for blame in the deaths of more than 20 Iraqis between 2005 and 2007. Six former Blackwater guards were criminally charged in 14 of the shootings, and family members and victims' estates sued Prince, Blackwater (now called Xe Services LLC) and a group of related companies.

"The person responsible for these deaths is Mr. Prince,'' Susan L. Burke, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. "He had the intent, he provided the weapons, he provided the instructions, and they were done by his agents and they were war crimes.''


  1. It's okay for our government (us) to kill them but it's a crime if he does?

    That's interesting.

  2. There are a fair number of experts in international law who make a strong case for it being illegal for the government to kill Iraqis, too, and who think Bush, Rumsfeld, et al should find themselves sitting in cells in the Hague awaiting trial for crimes against humanity. But that would be a subject for a different post.

  3. After listening to (gag) Cheney this morning - again, all this is because of the "liberal democrats."God forbid, it should finally be uncovered that Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney were all cohorts in one huge crime. Shocks the senses HUH????

  4. Good points, but after all, Bush reads a bible everyday and was doing gods work for him.

    I say, fuck god, he can do his own nasty work. Those fucking christians have an insanity in them.


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