Monday, August 3, 2009

As of today

exactly 9 months to go. . .


  1. Sucks isn't the word that springs to my mind. Hallelujah is more like it. They're not shoving me out the door. There is no mandatory retirement age for the federal government, so I can occupy a cubicle and collect a check as long as I want to. (I read an obit recently of a researcher who was still working full-time at Large Nameless Agency when she croaked at 89.) What's nice is that 9 months from now I'll be in that happy position of being able to walk away from the Dilbert cage any time I decide the job isn't worth doing.

  2. Yay- having that option is a most liberating feeling to have... and exercising it kicks ass.

  3. I love retirement, I got so sick of trying to make others happy, now I just go camping all I can.


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