Thursday, January 23, 2014

He snuck up on me again

It snowed again last night. This isn't exactly news for a Thursday in January in the U.P. I'm guessing we got at least a foot of what Sarge refers to as alligator repellent. I got up this morning, looked out at the driveway, and decided that this was going to The Morning when I finally got the perfect winter snowplowing photograph. Lots of fresh powdery snow and great light: just cloudy enough to keep things from glaring, but still really nice and bright. I was going to position myself so I could catch the grader just as he came around the curve. I got dressed, I put on boots, I was ready. I even kept stepping outside occasionally to listen for the machine. So how did I do?
He did it to me again. Snuck up. I swear I only looked at the computer screen for two seconds and the next thing I knew I heard the beep-beep-beep as he started to back up. Son of a bitch. How does he do it? How can a machine that big also be that quiet?!
It's a mystery.
Seeing just how deep the snow is on the grader makes me realize (again) how lucky we are that the county road commission still does private driveways. It's worth every dime of the annual plowing fee. 
The driveway plowing was a program begun by a previous county engineer. It's since been discontinued. I've mentioned before that it's one of those things that's being phased out through attrition. No one can be added, and if you drop off, you're off it forever.


  1. Still no snow here yet. I like the weather vane. Is the motor home ready to roll? As I recall Ray said you had a campground host gig in February.

  2. We discovered a fuel line is leaking on the RV so it needs work before we head South. The campground host gig is tentatively scheduled for March. I need to check with the park because that's getting close and we haven't gotten an official confirmation yet. If it falls through, we'll just go ambling for a month or two to avoid the Mud Season here.

  3. Been thinking I may amble down to Texas this summer to meet Sandra and her hubby.


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